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Thread: Password hacking attempts?

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    Password hacking attempts?

    Hi everyone

    I got an automated email from NetBuilders this morning (5:33 my time - IST) that read:

    Subject: Failed Login Notification on Net Builders

    Someone has tried to log into your account on Net Builders with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has been prevented from attempting to login to your account for the next 15 minutes.

    The person trying to log into your account had the following IP address:

    The server logs, as m42 indicated, seemed to say that the login attempt failed.

    Has anyone received a similar email in the past? Could there be a coordinated attempt going on to hack all NB accounts? Or was it someone who just forgot their username?

    Admins: I'm not sure if this is the right section to start this thread. Please move if necessary.

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    If it is coordinated I guess more members would have reported it
    but your name so so common so I guess someone just forgot his account

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    I'm more inclined to think that it was a hacking attempt.

    The IP address is used by spammers. See the results from a Google Search: [ame= e+Search&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=] - Google Search[/ame]

    [EDIT: I dunno why the URL label looks like that]

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    i suggest change to a more complex password as a measure of protection

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    If that is not the name you are using across multiple sites you might like to consider not only changing your password to something secure every now and then you might like to consider a different username.

    Something like Abdullah@NB or Abdullah1@NB or the likes and see if you still get problems after that given the exclusivity of such a username/member name.

    Consider your name elsewhere also and tailor to fit here to of course.

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    I reached the conclusion that since the IP address belongs to a well-known spamming program setup on a dedicated server, that it once created the username 'Abdullah' here on NetBuilders, and the account was deleted for spamming. Sometime later, our friend Abdullah signed up with this username, and now the bot is trying to come back to use the account, only to realize that someone else now owns it.

    This isn't anything I know for sure, but it seems to be the most logical conclusion, since account access was attempted by a spam bot, and that bot CREATES and then logs into created accounts - it does not try to steal accounts that were created by someone else.

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