I'm sure that I will be chastised for this, as I am a relatively new member to the forum. However, believe it or not, I have had time to peruse almost every part of the forum. I've been able to spot the members who have the best contributions relating to their post count/quality (Will.Spencer, Kovich, Razorloq, Hellas, etcetera), and the worst contributions (names removed to retain dignity and avoid enemies). I digress.

The point that I'm trying to make with this is that we have members with post counts of close to one hundred who have contributed a whole hell of a lot to this forum in a month or two. We also have members with over a thousand posts, 90% of which are one-line masterpieces in the General Chat section, in threads such as "Yes Or No", "Guess Who Is Next", and "Reason To Ban The Above Member", just to name a few.

There is also the Thanks issue. These General Chat posts with no meaning except to entertain the poster receive thanks on occasion. When I work for twenty minutes on a thread that receives three thanks, I am thrilled. When I see that other posters are getting thanks for "I would never ban you!", I get kinda pissed. And the fact that this is counted towards post count makes me even madder.

Why not disable post count in the General Chat section, as well as other lounge sections, and the Introductions area? These spots are simply for fun anyways, so why should the post count matter to those who post there? This would be a good way to figure out the amount of true representation and help that the members give to the forum.

Listen to me, ignore me, do as you may. I know that this has been mentioned on Net Builders a few times from what I've read. Maybe it's time to put this into action, as the number of members is growing rapidly. I already love this forum. I don't want to see it turn into another Digital Point. Cue shitstorm.