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Thread: Post Count Disabled In Sections Of Net Builders

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    lol DB Glitch.....
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    All people who care about post count are dumbasses with nothing better to do in their worthless lives. Or maybe they tell their girlfriends (In the unlikely chance that they happen to have one) that " I have a big post count, you wanna see it?". Or maybe ................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oranges View Post
    lol DB Glitch.....
    ??? Where exactly?

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    I believe every forums admin have clear subject in his/her mind which is their right and also really good for their forum.

    Here I can understand and appreciate the clear view of Will on this topic which is very right as very clearly he wants to focus on webmaters related activities and forums only and nothing wrong in it.

    The GC is there and will remin forever but certainly he wants to encourage and concentrate more on wabmaster related activity, and certainly he is going in that direction only.

    Looking at point of view of webmasters forums admin and their main interest to focus mainly on webmasters related activity which is quite natural and for that I have started OffWalk for good and relaxing place for online commuinty, every member of NB are invited and most welcome to be part of OW.

    With this I take the opportunity to thank Will and his team for recommending offwalk, support and help every time when required.


    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    As of right now, posts in General Chat do not count towards post count.

    This is not a general chat forum. If you're looking for a general chat forum, I recommend OffWalk.

    General chat is still open for posting, because we're all friends here and we want to chat with each other.

    We do not, however, want to chat with spammers who are making insipid posts to boost their post count.

    We have considered this decision for a long time. We have weighed the positive and negative effects of this change for quite some time. Traffic may drop as a result of this decision, but not traffic we want.

    NetBuilders is here to help people make money by building the 'net. That's our mission and that's what we need to focus on. Let's get to work people!
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  5. Quoted for truth, GeeOne, quoted for truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deluxdon View Post
    Same thing with me but no worries NB following DP rules slowly slowly which one is good IMO
    Ummm... no!

    Regarding rules, I always try to keep in mind this quote from Thomas Edison: "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something."

    Here at NB, we try to have as few rules as possible -- especially those which cannot be automatically enforced with software.

    Heck, I had to create a few threads in Announcements and Suggestions to list things which people thought were against the rules.

    I've written up a few posts on forum management theory. I'd really like to complete the set and clean them up for use as a sticky.

    Doesn't DP still count posts in their chat forums?
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  7. Well put, Will. I love how Net Builders is more loose in their rules. And I wholeheartedly agree with the post count decision. After all, this is a webmaster forum, not a general chat party. I love how there are plenty of moderators, but they don't patrol around the clock, waiting for someone to ban.

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    After reading the first post, I was totally against the decision. But after completely reading the 5 pages full posts, I now totally agree that this is right.

    This is webmaster forum, if anyone is interested in getting more post count, they should post quality posts in sections where its counted.
    Moreover, they still can see there total post count in their profile.

  9. I agree with the necessity to disable the post count option in the General Chat and Introductions sections of Net Builders. The reality is that, while it may be a nice way for you to let off steam or talk about whatever you want, it does absolutely nothing to help the members of the forum actually interested in Net Builders from a Webmaster's point of view.

    Your posts are still there, and can still be viewed. The only difference is that it doesn't add to your post count number. If there's a problem with this, there's always or the General Chat section of DP for you to hang out at for times when you feel like chatting it up about topics that aren't relevant, like what color your toothbrush is, or who might just post next.
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