Somethings I have been seeing lately is the amount of threads started with no real purpose to me anyways. Thread has no more then 10 words and doesn't add anything to a webmaster forum.

Not an actual post but an idea of what I mean.
First post: What's your favorite gum flavor?
Second post: Ok, I'll start I like grape.

Two posts that don't add any value to the site and since the feature was added that the more post you have the more your link is shown on site I personally think that the general chat should not count towards post counts.

I under stand some people are social and like to chat but with incentives in place for post counts then a way to keep the quality of these posts up is important.

It would also be nice if some of the responses to quality posts were worth the read and not a way to drive up a post count to pass the forum leader. I know I am not the owner of the forum but hate to see what I was trying to escape making its way over here.

Going way of topic

Would any be interested in a private proxy area? A place that actual ideas can be shared so a smaller group of people could benefit from it? I have been kicking around the idea for a couple weeks either that or I may use the blog feature to do this would be less informative though.