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    Talking Postcount: 2000 -- Let's make a promise!

    Hello NB'ers!

    It's been a few months ago since I signed up on NB and I really like this forum more than any other forum on the web. The community is amazing and the people are amazing; it's the best thing on earth for me

    I now have 2000 posts and learned a lot, and I hope I learned other people a lot too Since I read from some Twitter user that somebody tattood the Twitter fish on his body because he reached 40,000 followers I might make a promise like that. But 40,000 posts is too risky, I want it bigger as NB needs to have a great logo to put on myself (Well, let's say the current logo isn't something I would put on my arm )

    So here is the deal, if I ever reach 100,000 posts on NetBuilders (50 times the current post count) I will put a tattoo from NetBuilders somewhere onto my body. And even more, NB'ers can choose where

    We're in a stage right now where choosing the place is too early, I will only set up that poll in a few years when I reach the big 100K number. So for now it's only time to tell congratulations to me (Ow I'm such a cock for telling others what to do )

    Bye NB'ers, have fun - I surely have!
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    |Nico Lawsons

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