We are now using Google AdWords to promote NetBuilders.

The strategy I am currently following is to bid low, but on a huge number of keywords. This seems to be working reasonably well, and the results are improving as I add additional keywords.

I am not worrying very much about market focus when bidding on this mass volume of keywords. I'm bidding on 1,798 keywords right now and over time we'll see which ones perform.

Here are the top performing keywords so far, in terms of raw ad impressions:

  • html
  • vbulletin
  • google webmaster
  • webmaster tools
  • webmaster
  • adsense
  • google adsense

Next though, I'd like to initiate a second AdWords strategy.

It seems to me that we should focus on (and bid more on) the types of members we want in the community.

My first targets are buyers for the marketplace, so I've added a number of keywords with the word "buy" in them.

What specific keywords would you like to see us bid higher on? i.e. what sort of new members would you like to see at NetBuilders?