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Thread: [Question] Just another Question and a Suggestion

  1. [Question] Just another Question and a Suggestion

    Just a question came up in my mind. I have seen some members use Referral links in NB. I also mistakenly used a referral link once. I wanted to know that is Refferal links allowed in NetBuilders? I cannot find anything related to this in the forum rules.

    And a suggestion: Please add a shortcut to the Forum Rules in the Navigation Bar Please

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    Affiliate links are allowed, as long as you don't spam with it. You should know that yourself, don't make threads just to promote your affiliate URL's, but when posting a nice review in the general topic for example you can put it in there so people can sign up as a thanks. In the end this forum has been made so not only Will could make money, but also we can

    And that's something Will should do
    |Nico Lawsons

  3. Thanks aquareez for the information

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    Anything can lead to a bad site.

    You could have a PR10 website and send me to: -- which redirects to spyware.

  5. I have always thought that URL shorteners were stupid, but we can't ban things just for being stupid.
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