When I am on a forum and have read pretty much everything I plan on reading for the day I often find I don't want to leave... when that happens I start looking for something else.

  • Fun & game type threads only go so far, and will not hit the spot when I am wanting to learn.
  • General Chat can often solve this... but again, not when I am here for webmastery.
  • NEW POSTS can often work, but again, I'm talking about after I've checked all the ones I plan on checking for the day.
  • Who's Online, this is a NIFTY way to find threads you've not found before, as there is always a bot or guest looking at something posted that you have missed.

I've used all of those methods and have found some very interesting things I'd have missed otherwise, but still those methods all can get old...so I'd like to make a suggestion or two.

I'd like to see a "random threads" link that pulls a series of random threads from (any) location on the forums.

Bad suggestion, I know... but still, I'd like to see it. I've thought about such a thing for my own forum, but do not have the skills to make it happen, so I thought I'd share the idea in case there is anyone with such a know-how that also thinks it could be a worthy addition. Even if it just pulled up a single random thread... it could be interesting to see if such a thing could promote even further discussion, as even a three year old thread can still be a valuable resource.

I also assume with the fancier titles such a thing would be a bit more difficult then if it were just a basic algorithm that could simply pull ## - #### and then weed out threads based on permissions... so I'm not even sure if it could be done.