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Thread: Sigature Link Limit & Post Link Limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by zika View Post
    I think that a minimum of 15 posts is too high. Maybe five or ten is not bad solution?
    On the other hand, I believe that 50 posts could well help us getting rid of nonsense posts.

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    I love those nonsense posts.
    Just people posting stuff like "great article" "nice information" and so forth.
    To pad up their post count.

    Well worth deleting.

    50? Man, you are rough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post

    50? Man, you are rough!

    I would limit links to 100 posts lol... (just kidding)

    I guess 25 post are ok. Who is a genuine member, would understand the rules to avoid spam.


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    50!!! I went to buy something at a forum once. I joined just to find it takes 50 post just to send a PM. Guess what? I left buyer lost a sale forum lost a member. I will not go back.

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    I hate those kinds of forums that have such a high post count to buy and/or sell plus pm.

    Or have a long period of time before you can buy, sell or pm.

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    Has a minimum content length per initial posts filter been tried? So if the content length is short, then it could go into a moderation queue.

    But if this constraint is made public, then the spammers would easily get around it of course.

  7. Actually you can easily identify spammers and real service providers quickly by their posts itself.Just come for signature links then they dont came back again.Three posts and go away.

    For ex see this post
    One post gone.
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  8. I think it should be a combination of a certain number of posts along with a certain number of "thanks" given. You have to contribute something that other members feel is helpful.
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    I vote that we close registrations and that forum becomes invite only .

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    Okay, I can go along with invites only.

    Be easy to find the member who invites spammers and scammers.


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