Signature Link Sales are Allowed

Several very smart NetBuilders have suggested that we ban the sale of signature links.

The arguments can be summarized as:

  • Signature links motivate forum members to create low-quality posts.

This argument is undeniably true. However, the sum of reasons to allow signature link sales outweighs that argument:

  • We can't stop signature links sales. If we ban them, they will simply go underground. This will create a hostile environment between the forum management and the community members.

  • Disabling signatures entirely would not even be a cure-all. Members would then just sell links in posts. We would end up creating a "War on Links", which is really a waste of everyone's time.

  • We want our community members to make money. For many community members, selling signature links is a good way to enhance their incomes while also contributing to the forum.

It is our job as forum moderators to keep forum spam to a minimum. Many of us have seen this fail on other forums. The solution is to have more active moderators. Banning signature link selling is the wrong solution for the problem of low-quality posts.