I like how Net Builders is growing and see a bright future ahead

A few suggestions here:

1. lets have a closed forum that only registered members can view, after they've posted a few posts and been around here for short period of time. Like 10 posts and a week you know. So we can discuss things we don't want people in other forums to know. This post would be the first one

2. Personally I'd love to see more people providing quality seo services in this forum! I mean the regular stuff such as writing articles, submitions, distributions, all kinds of social bookmarking stuff, blog comments etc. DP is flooded with this stuff, but the competition cuts down the prices and also quality. Would be great if we have more people providing really quality services here, based on each other's recommendation. So we can invite some people from dp and other forums over here and also make sure the bad types won't come along.