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    Something not right


    Pages are refreshing about every sec for me.

    Tried to del a PM got something about token sorry did not save screen shot.

    logout and cleared all cash and cookies.

    Now I get this look at unread post.

    Screen shot from log in

    Clicked on my post shows it is there yet I can not view the last post I made.

    Now have 31 unread post

    Clicked unread post.

    Plus my posts are not showing up for me to view.

    Do not know if I will be able to reply to this PM

    Once I reply to any thread I am in everything goes goofy.

    Pages are refreshing about every sec for me.

    If I have not posted in the thread it seem to be fine till I post.

    Can not read reply's to threads I am it because of page refreshing.

    Went to post this got database error.

    Hit back button had to relogin to post

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