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Thread: Spy Tool

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    Spy Tool

    Hi all!

    Just wanted to let you know we've recently installed a Spy Tool (currently under Beta testing).

    Spy Netbuilders

    What can we do with it?

    Well, follow that link and check for yourself.

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    Thats really wonderful addition shenron.

    BTW more useful for mods and admins to spy others


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    Yes it is really useful, I agree now at this stage it is required.

    Hopefully the link for the same on Index page would soon.


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    Great! Going to use that one from now on

    Great addition to NB, thanks!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Thanks! That's another great addition to NB.

    In case someone doesn't know, a link to the Spy is added under the Community drop-down menu in the top-menu:

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