Hello NB staff members.

I am have a suggestion related with Unread Post mod.

and suggestion is replace this mod with unread post since your last visit mod.

and the reason is ------ i am active member but still have 1615 unread post. and when i come back then its increase but i dunno which is the new post and which one is old becaz i dont like to visit all sectioins.

so if you replace this mod with unread post since last visit mod then thats better so i can {or everyone can} know that which one is lates post and can go there.


=- Edit -=

just find on vb forum and got this

This displays the actual number of posts that are still considered unread by you (and will show up in a 'getnew' search).

so here are no need to change mod. just have need to change setting.

Thanks to all