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Thread: Vandalism and Recovery

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    Let this just remind y'all that you need to: a) backup regularly b) keep your scripts well up to date, and avoid beta releases where possible (unless security fixes are contained within).

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Newbie191 View Post
    Will you do anything against the guy who hacked your sites. I am sure law provides you protection.
    It was some kid living in the hell that is the middle east. There's really nothing that can be done to make his life worse than it already is.

    Quote Originally Posted by vectro View Post
    The header on the hacked tech-faq homepage said "r00t3d". Was it just the scripts or was root hacked? We were debating in another thread.
    It doesn't appear that root was violated, but MySQL was compromised.
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    Glad that NB forum is back in action.


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