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Thread: vBulletin 4.x

  1. vBulletin 4.x

    This thread is to keep track of the vBulletin Plugins which we use and their progress towards vB4.x compatibility.

    vBulletin 4.x Compatible
    1. AME - The Automatic Media Embeder
    2. Display Unread Posts and Reputation Comments
    3. iTrader
    4. Post Thank You Hack
    5. Prevent Doubleposts
    6. Quote Post in PM
    7. vBSEO
    8. vBulletin Blog
    9. vBadvanced Links Directory
    10. Automatic Thread Tagger (albeit "unsupported"). Possible alternative: Automatic Tagger From Message Content and Title
    11. Guest Redirection System Professional?

    Not Needed in vBulletin 4.x
    1. CES VaultWiki

    Not Yet vBulletin 4.x Compatible
    1. Ain - Advanced Google AdSense
    2. Deluxe Delete Soft Deleted
    3. DMeNTED's RBL Checker (Possible alternative: vBStopForumSpam? )
    4. e-steki Referrer Statistics (Possible alternatives: psiStats 2010?)
    5. Extra IM Fields (Possible alternative: Extra Profile Fields Tab?)
    6. Group Leader PM Notification (Possible alternative: Notification: Group Membership Request)
    7. Ignore Thread
    8. Last Seen Online (Postbit) (Possible alternative: Postbit Last Online Date and Time?)
    9. Limit Links In Signature (Possible alternative: Extra Signature Settings?)
    10. iTrader Stats in Member Profile (Possible alternative: iTrader v2.7?)
    11. Opt-Out Forums from Get New Posts
    12. Show Groups (Forum Leaders) Order
    13. Twitter Profile (Possible alternative: Follow Me Twitter Icon in Postbit?)
    14. vB Drafts
    15. vBAdvertise
    16. vBCommerce
    17. vBCommerce Itemtype: Advertise
    18. vBCommerce Itemtype: Cashout
    19. vBCredit$
    20. vBCredits (Probable alternative, maybe also for the other vBCredit stuff: vBCredits II Deluxe )
    21. vBCredits with Post Thank You Hack

    We could probably survive without most of the plugins which are not yet vBulletin 4.x compatible. Not having Opt-Out Forums from Get New Posts would make me crazy. I have a feeling that vBAdvertise/vBCommerce/vBCredits is going to be the real problem for us.

    More news as it happens...
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