vBulletin can be configured in thousands of different ways.

As this forum community has a lot of vBulletin operators in it, we will use this thread to talk about the vBulletin options which we're using on Net Builders.

If you would like to suggest a specific option, please open a suggestion thread.

Initial Option Changes

Censorship Options

You may have certain words censored on your forum. Words you choose to censor will be replaced by the character you specify below. All message titles and messages will be affected.
I changed this one to "No". I think that sort of censorship looks silly and doesn't fix any real problem.
Verify Email address in Registration

If you set this option to 'Yes' new members will not be allowed to post messages until they visit a link that is sent to them in an email when they sign up.

If a user's account is not activated by the user visiting the link, it will remain in the 'Users Awaiting Activation' usergroup.
I changed this setting to "Yes", because I of previous negative experiences fighting spam.
Default Registration Options
I changed a couple of the Default Registration Options. I changed each of these to match the options I set for my own user accounts on other vBulletin forums.

I changed the Automatic Thread Subscription Mode to "Subscribe with no notification."

I changed the Message Editor Interface to "Show enhanced (WYSIWYG) Editor Toolbar."
User Profile Options
I enabled Profile Styling to enable all of the Net Builders to customize their own profile pages.
User Listing Options

You can define a minimum post count that a user must reach before they are displayed on the memberlist.
I raised this from 0 to 1, to make the memberlist more viewable as the forum grows.
Message Posting and Editing Options

Posts that contain more characters than the value specified here will be rejected with a message telling the user to shorten their post.

I raised this from 10,000 to 50,000 because I have broken this limitation before.

When a new post is submitted or edited vBulletin will check the number of images and smilies in the text and reject it if the number is greater than the value specified here.

I raised this from 4 to 10 because I have hit this limit before.

Time to Wait Before Starting to Display 'Last Edited by...'
Time limit (in minutes) to allow user to edit the post without the "Last edited by..." message appearing at the bottom of the edited post.

I raised this from 2 to 30 because those messages are just really annoying.

Maximum number of options a user can select for the poll.

I raised this from 10 to 25 because I have some polls in mind which will need more than ten options.

Depth of Forums - Forum Home

Depth to show forums on forum home forum listings. If you set this value to '2', forum listings will show the current forum level and any child forums one level below (etc.)

Depth of Forums - Forum Display

This setting does the same job as the setting above, but this time for forumdisplay.php pages, rather than forum home.

Depth of Sub-Forums

If you have forums below the depth specified in the 'Depth of Forums' settings above, you can display them as sub-forum links in each forum's display area.

I set these three related options to "1, 1, 2" because the defaults look really bad when you have more than a few forums defined.

Enable Social Bookmarking

Use this switch to quickly disable the display of the bookmarks section of the page, on which links to social bookmarking sites are shown.

I enabled this, because a lot of us here use social bookmarking.

Search Engine Friendly Archive

I disabled the Search Engine Friendly Archive, because I am not really interested in traffic from people who will only view our pages and not contribute to the conversation here. In addition, we're going to use vBSEO to make our regular pages rank well -- which makes the archive unnecessary.

Attachment Permissions

I increased the file size limits on most types of attachments (png, jpg, pdf, zip, etc...), because the defaults appear to be a few years behind the times.

We want Net Builders to share good things with other Net Builders. Making that hard to do didn't seem very smart.

Please let me know if you hit one of these limits and I'll bump them again.

Can Upload Custom Avatars

I changed this to "Yes" because we should all be able to have our own avatars.

Can Open / Close Own Threads

I changed this to "Yes" mostly with Marketplace threads in mind. It's really annoying when people respond to a thread years after the web site or domain has been sold. I think we can all be trusted to close our own threads.