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Thread: A Warm Welcome to Our New Members from Waushares!

  1. A Warm Welcome to Our New Members from Waushares!

    I am pleased to announce that the merger of NetBuilders and Waushares is now in progress.

    The Waushares forum members have been imported and the threads and posts are currently being imported.

    This is a very messy process, so please bear with me during the next day or two.

    The bugs right now are so numerous that I ask you to please wait 24hrs before sending me any bug reports. I know stuff is broken and I'm fixing things as fast as possible.

    Please help me welcome our new members from Waushares.
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    Great Will, congratulations for growing community!

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    Warm welcome to all Waushares members on behalf of Netbuilders. We're anyway going to be one We're happy to cope with merging process Will. Take your time and we know you can handle it nicely
    SEO girl...

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    Nice job Will!

    Welcome everyone, feel free to browse around a have fun.

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    Welcome on board folks and please note that is a warm welcome

    Looking forward to you all enjoying your stay

    And I look forward to your contributions

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    What if someone is a member at both forums?

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    Welcome from me too.

    I am wondering what is Waushare?

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    Welcome to all the new members..I'm quite sure that you'll will enjoy a lot!

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