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Thread: Webhosting ads now cost $5

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    Webhosting ads now cost $5

    Webhosting Ads now cost $5 US per month
    Starting immediately: Existing webhosting threads will be removed, and new thread starts cost $5 US, and will be removed unless renewed.

    This forum has a LOT more people reading it than posting, so we hope you make a lot more than the fee for posting the ad.

    NOTE: Exceptions will be made
    We will on request waive the fee...

    1. for active moderators
    2. on a case-by-case basis for active members with a history of valuable posts in other sections

    Case-by-case exceptions will be made solely at Netbuilders discretion. Regular contributing members are *encouraged* to PM asking for an exception, as this move was made to keep YOUR posts from getting buried in spam.

    PM me for the PayPal address. Your ad will be allowed out of moderation on receipt of payment.

    We believe this move will add value to our active members by making thier advertisements stand out prominently. ~ Thanks
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