I regurarly see a comment like this:
'Aquarezz would probably...'
'Like Aquarezz said...'

and other stuff like that, not only about me, but the point I'm willing to make is that I see a lot of posts where I want to comment on it, but it's not worth to create a new comment for it. So than I just have to skip that reply, while I would like to make a reply on it -- but I don't wanna be seen as a spammer so I don't.

A few minutes ago, I was reading a thread on SEOChat, and I saw this modifcation in a reply. Maybe it's worth installing it, but I'm not sure -- it's up to the others to decide

Here is the link:
Search for: Comments on this post

Let's share the different opinions It's not a big problem if it won't be installed on NB, it's just something that could be interesting