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Thread: what can i do with my netbucks?

  1. what can i do with my netbucks?

    if for instance i have lots of it, what can i do with it?
    i seem can't find the faq bout this.

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    1. Buy services(at NB) if you don't have money in USD or other currencies at the moment but have decent reputation and $$$$$NBs
    2. Donate $NB to someone if you find his post, info or service worth donation
    3. Give your friend/someone a surpise $NB lot you don't have anything to do at the moment and feeling too heavy with loads of $NBs (my user id is ChillingBreeze in case you didn't notice)
    4. Donate $NB if you're ultra-happy with someone's service
    5. You can give $NB if you are lazy to write a review for someone (Umm not very good idea though)

    I got only these ideas for now.
    SEO girl...

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    It's possible you could change your username and it's possible you could play the netbuilders lottery. Although these are features that might happen -- it's not sure that they will ever be on NB
    |Nico Lawsons

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    You can do many things with your NB$. The best thing you can do is to redeem it for cash. You can sell 1000NB$ for $6(USD).

    If you think $6 for 1000NB$ is less then think about the time when you used to get nothing for your NB$ . Something is better than nothing.

    For more info visit the $NetBucks - Official Thread.

  5. thanks. i just really wonder whats it for. and so now that i know can you donate some for me

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    I just received this url from chat room. I am pretty impressed with this system as I found this to be unique. No other forum does offer this kind of incentives to their members. now i have to make a list how I am going to utilize this netbucks for the promotion of my writing business.

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