I would like to know what makes NetBuilders so special for you? What's the reason you stay here and visit this forum every day, or at least a few times per week?

Personally, these are my reasons:

  • Friendly community
  • Friendly staff
  • Not many spam offers
  • Great content (except for some posts)

The problem for me is that the list used to be a lot bigger before. NetBuilders isn't the community it was before, right?

Personally, this is why I think it has changed:

  • The template is beautiful, but it isn't a NetBuilders template -- looking at the first template we had (after the default one) and the second template. Although that the second one also pointed more into this direction. There are thousands of icons, when you look in a subforum, it just makes me want to go away.
  • It looks more and more like other webmaster forums. This might be because of the merges -- like the marketplace section that has so many new subforums that aren't used at all.

I absolutely love NetBuilders over all other forums, but it could become so much better, like back in the old days, no?
Looking back to a quote from the beginning of NB mentioned by Will:
I believe that the main lesson is this: Listen to your community members. Don't quash criticism -- beg for it. Member feedback is the #1 method for learning how to improve and grow.
We should get back to: http://www.netbuilders.org/announcem...osophy-10.html

Please post your comments, whether they are positive/negative.