As part of our campaign to reduce automated spam registrations on the forum, I recently added the question "What is ONE thing you would like to see from a webmasters forum?" to the new member registration process.

Here are some of the interesting answers we've received so far:
  • 1 that thinks outside the box 2 discuss how we can make the web better & less about site maintenance
  • A place where webmasters and service providers can trade.
  • better ranking for my site
  • For best updated technical knowledge
  • Freebies
  • Friendliness
  • get quality info exchange re: site dev
  • I would like to get ideas on bringing quality traffic to my site.
  • idiot free
  • Improve knowledge of domaining and web skills
  • knowledge
  • learn more about seo
  • Less scammers and more learning along with good administration
  • The Expertise of The Community
  • To learn seo and earn money in terms of writing, link building, directory submission etc
  • translation...
  • Translator Script
  • We have a Very Small business- an Inn in WV. Please make the info applicable & relevant to us!

I think there's some good stuff in there.

If I could summarize this data, it would be something like this: "We want more expert-level technical posts on domaining, site development, and SEO which will improve our sites rankings and traffic. We also want a forum with good administration where we can do business."

Two words: Can do.

For those of you who registered before this field was added to the registration process...

What is ONE thing you would like to see from a webmasters forum?