SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
The following will be considered SPAM:

* Off-Topic Posts – Any post that is either irrelevant to the topic of discussion, or forum is classified as SPAM.

* Capitals – Excessive usage of caps, is considered spam.

* Intentional Post Count Raising – Posting comments just to raise your post count is considered as SPAM. A common instance of this is replying to questions that have already been answered and repeating the answer, or just posting nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with that forum or discussion at hand.

* Multiple threads and Double Posting – Posting multiple threads about the same topic or posting two times in a row in the same topic will be considered SPAM.

* Replies – Any replies that have only three words or under are classified as SPAM, unless you are in the Forum Games section.

* Bumping Dead Topics – Bumping a topic that has not been posted in in over a month is considered SPAM.

* Personal Member-To-Member Threads – If you post a thread directed at a specific member, it may be classified as SPAM. Please use the Private Messaging function to contact members privately about personal matters, or discussions.

* Legibility – Posts should be written in a legible manner. Unreadable posts due to lack of punctuation, use of “l33t sp33k”, spelling, or other things mentioned in other rules are considered SPAM.

* Advertisements – Anything advertising another unrelated website will be marked as SPAM.