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Thread: Why is there no Reputation system?

  1. Why is there no Reputation system?

    At NetBuilders, we do not use vBulletin's reputation system. Instead, we use the [ame=][AJAX] Post Thank You Hack[/ame].

    The reputation system is far too easily, and commonly, abused. This abuse simply gets in the way of productivity.

    People spend time greening thier "friends" and redding their "enemies". None of that makes anyone any money.

    Moreover, a green rep or a red rep proves nothing. Rep trading groups quickly form and their members easily max out the reputation system. Rep then becomes meaningless in determining anything about a person.

    The Thanks mod has several advantages:
    • The Thanks system is public, so you have to stand by your ratings.
    • The Thanks system is only positive, so people don't get upset constantly.
    • The Thanks system is tied to individual posts, so people don't just go around thanking their friends (as much).

    In addition, we utilize the iTrader mod to track members Marketplace history.
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    The thank you button should also be used to say thanks and not post thanks all the time.

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    Yes, I believe that the thanks button serves an amazing purpose to eliminate the cluttered spam of "thank you" posts that we see from various forums such as Digital Point and Wicked Fire. There are some things that should be built in instead of said, and a thank you is definitely one of them. This also serves the great purpose of being a nice way to gauge a user's reputation, as it is not as easily tweaked as, say, post count or reputation.

    Great work, Net Builders! I love this place.


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    You can also use the thanks button to leave red (if enabled)
    that's how I had it on my forum when I installed the thanks rep, but I removed it and disabled rep. Rep is now enabled on my forum but I think I'm the only one who uses
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    I dont mind no reputation system as i never get rep anyways lol

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    i am also agree with your will sir,

    reputation system is full crap. when i was at dp i got lot of green for posting in general chat section becaz people like to give back and they can get lot of green by spreading free green. , but never got any green for sharing freebies or for any good suggestion.

    so thanks button is really better then rep system.
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