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Thread: 1 Article Promoting 3 Sites. How Good Is That??

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    Quote Originally Posted by rome9t9 View Post
    Mmmm hmmm...thats a good point... now that I find 1050 BLs a month too overwhelming, may be I will divide it into 3.. Like writing 5 articles for each site per month...thats 350 BLs for each site per month...
    that'd be perfectly fine go for 5 article marketing for each website and submit it on around 15 article directories... Spin articles will eat the quality of content... Better to go for 50-60% re-writing of original article

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    I think there is no problem as the contents, you mentioned, almost similar. I think that increases the probability of getting traffics on all three sites.

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    I would not be promoting 3 sites on a single article unless the sites are all about the same subject.

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