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Thread: 11-Step Article Marketing Blueprint - Get Targeted Traffic & Build Your Mailing List

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    Smile 11-Step Article Marketing Blueprint - Get Targeted Traffic & Build Your Mailing List

    We've been implementing (for some of our clients in our corporate and non-corporate departments) this strategy for funneling targeted traffic and building their mailing lists. I integrated an article marketing tactic into this strategy, so you can study the 11-step blueprint below and test it out in case you decide it's worth your while:

    1. Go to Technorati's blog directory. Find the category that's closely related to your niche. Click the sub category that's even more relevant to your niche.

    2. Choose five or so blogs. TIP: Go with blogs operated by one-man teams or small businesses.

    3. Go to Compete.Com. Check out the traffic estimates of the blogs you chose. Zone in on three blogs with significant traffic estimates.

    4. Go to each of those blogs. List down trending categories, sub categories, topics, sub topics, titles and sub headers of the most recent and/or most popular posts in those blogs. Choose those that are related to your niche, but aren't exactly about your target micro niches.

    5. Go to Magazine.Com. Click the category that's closely related to the topics/sub topics/titles/sub headers you chose in number 4.

    6. Choose two to three hot magazines under your chosen category. List down the headlines in the recent issues of those magazines, especially the cover stories, more so those that are closely related to the topics/titles/sub headers you chose in number 4 above.

    7. From those headlines, generate creative title and topic/sub topic ideas, considering what would best serve as follow-up posts to the most recent and/or most popular posts you chose in number 4 above. Formulate those ideas into attention-grabbing headlines, keeping in mind how those magazines created the headlines of their cover stories and other sections, since these magazines implement extensive market research to come up with topic ideas and employ professional copywriters to develop those headlines.

    8. Write a 12 to 15-page report about one of those headlines you created, particularly a headline that will best grab the attention of your target viewers and entice them to subscribe to your mailing list to get your report. Post your report as a content download upon mailing list subscription via your squeeze page. Develop short and sweet "trailer" content for your squeeze page that will entice your target viewers to get your report by subscribing to your mailing list.

    9. Write three detailed articles about controversial headlines you created in number 7 above. Post it in your website. A link to your squeeze page should be visible when your target viewrs are reading these articles. Share it in your social networks, in the blog communities you hang out in and in relevant Web forums where you participate as a contributing member.

    10. When the articles in your website have been indexed, submit it (of course with your byline and links in place) to EZA, and/or to Directory of Ezines or in other niche-relevant article directories with significant active publisher bases. Wait until the articles are published in those article directories. List down the URLs of your published articles.

    11. Go to the "Contact Us" pages of the blogs you chose in number 2 above. Take note of their contact details, such as email, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Skype and so on. Contact them and "convince" them to syndicate your articles --

    (a) EMAILS = You can paste the content of your articles in the body of your emails and tell them that those articles are published in the specific article directories where you submitted it for syndication, to remind them that it's ready for syndication. Remember, people don't usually open emails with attachments from complete strangers, and most don't click links as well.

    (b) TWITTER/FACEBOOK/SKYPE/ETC. = Links are fine, just introduce yourself first as a friendly reader of their blogs, then entice them to look at your articles and inform them that they can syndicate it on their blogs for the benefit of their readers.

    OPTIONAL GUEST POSTING TECHNIQUE: You can also contact them, entice them to syndicate your articles, or give them a choice by telling them that you can write exclusive content that they can use on their blogs, especially in instances where they tell you that they only accept exclusive content and you can funnel significant volumes of targeted traffic from their blogs to your website, via those guest posts...

    That's it. Hope this helps...

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    Thanks for the great tutorial, I would implement it but it is a little long process for me, so I need time for this, need to finish me current stuff first.

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    You're most welcome. I'd just like to add that you can outsource this process to a dedicated part time or full time content researcher/writer. If you're intrested: We have available senior inhouse employees (trained, managed and supervised) who can be assigned as your dedicated full time associates (8 hours/day x 5 days/week x 4 weeks/month = $427/month), or as your part time dedicated associates (4 hours/day x 5 days/week x 4 weeks/month = $235/month). Just send me a PM in case you're interested. Have a great day!

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