I am currently using four different services for article distribution.

The first two are a guy named Kim and a guy named Sturat. They write and distribute articles. I'm sure they will be joining the forum soon.

When I have articles which are already written, I've been using Article Submission Service. They do a great job at manual article submission. Their prices are:

  • 1-4 Articles:each 12$
  • 5-9 Articles:each 11$
  • 10-19 Articles:each 10$
  • 20-49 Articles:each 9$
  • 50+ Articles:each 8$

I pay in advance for 50 articles, so my cost is always $8 each.

I recently looked at their new automatic submission service, Article Pool Distribution.

However, I instead chose a competing offering from Article Marketer.

The prices of their automatic submission service are:

  • 1 month: $39
  • 2 months: $58
  • 3 months: $75
  • 6 months: $126
  • 12 months: $216

ArticleMarketer's current pricing is:

  • 3 months: $89.99
  • 12 months: $249.99
  • Lifetime: $499.99

The lifetime subscription seemed like the best deal to me. I've been in this business for several years, and I am very likely to be in this business for a lot more years.

Unfortunately, ArticleMarketer's system has thus far been really annoying to use. Each of my articles is rejected multiple times for things that their editors consider to be errors. They don't like titles of under four words. They don't like URL's (even plain text ones) in the articles. Their system allows only one author name, which annoys the heck out of me. Every time I successfully submit an article, I receive dozens of bounce messages from the people the email the article to. And even worse, the account I listed with them has been signed up to a number of email lists which are filling my inbox.

I'm not sure I made the right choice. I may go back and test Article Pool's automated system.