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Thread: Is article marketing still effective for SEO?

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  1. Is article marketing still effective for SEO?

    What do you think of article marketing today? Do you think they are still effective for SEO or do you think there are better methods that you would use?

  2. as long as you will be posting a unique article it will be helpful. some people though prefer to be guest poster to a related sites/blog

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    If it is a unique article on a well respected legitimate article site, I think it is probably helpful. Unfortunately, 99% of articles and article directories don't meet this criteria.
    I think the vast majority of articles get lost in the shuffle, and the general proposition is not a very good use of your time. I think participating in relevant forums and providing useful input is a much better use of your time, and is also more interesting.

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    Every little bit helps in my opinion. You'll get much better results if you can use unique articles with quality sites.
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    In my point of view still article marketing is very useful & it will very helpful for boost your website ranking.

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    In my case, I use a paid service to push my spintax articles out in the form of unique article posts to blogs. I think it is a waste of time to individually post articles to various places online, but I may be wrong. I consider the content of my articles to offer good value to the universe since I spend around 1 hour writing each article with original content.

  7. I've tried a whole bunch of different link building methods and I think article marketing gives the most benefit for the amount of time you put in. You have to post to a well ranked directory though. And you should build a couple of links to the article as well.

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    Article marketing is a great way to generate back links naturally.Articles are also a good way to drive trafffic and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your sector.Careful placement of articles on blogs, used as a guest speaker, etc. is an effective SEO strategy.

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    Article marketing works - but you have to put some effort into making unique articles. Pushing an identical article to 500 different sites does not give you much of a boost.

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    Seems really this thread has hit the point where everyone is actually posting the same thing over and over.
    No originality at all.

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