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Thread: Article Spinning

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    is article spinning still working?

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    Article spinning is the process of taking one article and creating several different unique version of it through the use of special tags. With article spinning you can write and distribute several articles over the web without penalizing for the duplicate contents from the search engines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Stein View Post
    There is no dup content penalty, that is a myth ....

    According to Google, there isn't a penalty, but it is obvious that there is a filter that removes duplicate content from G' index over time or refuses to allow the page to rank well.

    There isn't a penalty, but that is just a technicality. When a duplicate content page is reduced in rank or removed from G's index, the net effect is a penalty.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Stein View Post
    That is not always true .. Again many article marketers (the ones that understand true article marketing) have listings that dominate google' front page with the same exact content ....

    I have one keyword right now that holds position #1 , #2, #3 , #5, #8 for the same exact content and I have held this for almost 1 year...

    That probably due to your link building where you can throw a bazillion links at an article. From what I have seen over the years, lot of links has always overcome issues that would normally hit a web page or a web site pretty hard. Most site owners do not have the ability or the awareness to do that kind of link building. The overwhelming majority do not do any link building to an article at all.

    You can usually see all of the duplicates of articles that have been filtered out of the main index. They are in the supplemental index and you can see that by clicking on the "repeat the search with the omitted results included" link when you do an exact match search for a unique line of text in an article. Sometimes there are 4 or 5 copies in the main index, but hundreds or thousands in the supplemental index. The copies in the supplemental index rarely, if ever, show up in normal search results. Some of the articles in the main index may eventually end up there as well because filters appear to be applied separately from the ranking algorithm.
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    I'm a bit surprised that duplicates of an article are holding that many top positions for a year. You can see that with popular news articles that are syndicated, but the top ranking copies are usually on authority sites or popular news sites that pick up a lot of links.

    Whenever I have tracked duplicates of my articles that have been pilfered by content thieves, they almost always drop off of the radar after a few months.

    My experiences have been different, but I don't doubt what you are saying. The only thing that is consistent about Google is their inconsistency.
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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Currently I am writing 6 articles a day and submitting them to article direcotires. But after a time it becomes painful and boring. I want to know if my rewriting stategy below will make me churn out unique articles woth submitting to top article directories?

    1. Creat three versions of a paragraph.
    2. Creat three versions of almost all sentences in each paragraph.
    3. Using all possible synonyms and phrases within each sentences.

    what do you guys think? Will this create a unique content?? I hope it should. I am not a native english speaker but my english is good and 100% of my articles have been accepted by EZA. I am more concerned with uniqueness right now.

    Also, can I use articlemill for this level of spinning??

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    What you are doing should create unique content, although it's important to vary the title text. I don't tend to like the results of synonym replacement, so tend to manually re-write my content. But I'm no expert in this area.

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    Thanks James for the reply...but right now I am more concerned with building with links to my site which I am doing through my main concern is to get as much backlinks as possible to my main site and push it to the first page of Google..and for that I want to churn out as many unique articles as possible and submit them to lots of places..

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    Article spinning is not worth as far as google penguin update is concern. Unique content is the key for any blog and article. So avoid spinning and write fresh content and then publish it in site. This will definitely give you good result.

  10. Yes, if done right, article spinning is a great tool to leverage your content. But there's no push button solution for this IF you want quality unique versions of articles. It takes manual spinning and proofreading to ensure a quality spin. And if you're not up for the job, you should just outsource this task. Article spinning - when done right - can put you head & shoulders above the rest. You better believe that all the top marketers article spinning as power tool in some capacity to gain massive reach to their target market - and thereby generating more traffic, signups & sales. Quite simple, e-ffective article spinning works!

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