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Thread: Article submission question ?

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    First submit your article to high PR directories like ezinearticles, and after approval of that, submit your same article in other directories you want. writing 100 articles and submitting them in 100 directories is big hard work.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
    If i submit same article to many different blog, would it hurt my seo or any punishment from google ? and any benefit at all ? does the back link count ?
    It's safer and more effective if you write and submit unique content to article directories. Not only will it give you author privileges, but if done right, it will also help your rankings in the SERPs.

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    Definitely, it will affected in your website and you may be penalize for it. Basically, you are thinking about duplicity and search engines don't like this type of activities. You can increase your backlinks but it will increase in quantity and not in quality and as per my experience quantity of backlinks doesn't matter for website.

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    Disregards the post that say that this will hart your rank in Google, but it not necessarily will improve it. The first article submitted website will get all the juice and the rest depends on their reputation but it will never get better the firstly submitted one. If you submit in the few places then it only will help but hundreds probably too much.
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    Submit unique content in relevant site and avoid duplication. Because you can get one back-link from one article. So try to submit fresh content on other site, it will help you to improve traffic on your site.

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    Submitting content to different submission sites is duplication and it will only provide minimal effect on rankings and traffic but the worst thing is you will gain nothing. I would suggest one unique article in every article submission site that has high pr rankings like Ezine will bring you the best result in the long run.

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    Save your time and your money.
    Do not submit articles to any place!
    Or have someone or some outfit do the job.

    Just a big waste to try to use articles for building linkage and traffic,

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    Article submission sites have been hit hard by Google and using this type of content doesn't help any site.

    It is another of many types of businesses that have been destroyed by the Google machine.

    Listen to Dawg. It doesn't do any good to submit articles. That type of link building died with the Panda updates.
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