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    Article Submission Software

    I am starting to look at semi-automated article submission software again.

    Here are the packages I see listed for sale:

    Artemis Pro - $0

    ArtemisPro is now free, but it is no longer being developed or supported.

    Article submission software must be constantly updated to remain useful, so I am not seriously considering this option.

    Article Planter - $19.95

    ArticlePlanter was "just updated" in May of 2009.

    The database includes "58+" article directories.

    This is not up-to-date enough, nor does it submit to enough directories to be useful.

    Article Blaster Pro - $129.99

    This is a very different option. This isn't a PC-executable. This is a PHP script which you can setup on a web site and offer submission services to other people.

    SubmitSuite - $47

    SubmitSuite's Article Submitter promises to submit to 500+ article directories.

    Article Submitter works with SubmitSuite's Article Spinner program.

    You can download a free trial version here

    Quick Article Submitter - $49.99

    Quick Article Submitter promises to submit to "around 500" article directories.

    Quick Article Submitter works with Quick Article Pro, a tool which helps you create articles by copying small excerpts of content from web pages.

    You can download a free trial version here

    JVW Article Submission Software - $49-$129

    JVW Article Submission Software isn't really for sale to end users. It's market is resellers. You buy this software and then you sell it to other people.

    Pricing is as follows:

    Co-Brand: $49.00
    Custom: $99.00
    Source code: $129.00

    This might be interesting if the source code was not in Visual C++.

    I can't be certain, but these packages look like branded versions of the JVW software:

    Article Submit Gold - $59

    Article Submit Gold promises "more than 1500+ submission sites".

    Article Submitter - $0 (Gold Version is $67)

    Article Submitter is by Brad Callen of Bryxen. You may know Brad's better-known titles, such as SEO Elite and Keyword Elite.

    Article Pro - $69

    Article Pro promises that their database contains "1,000's of built in niche publishers" and "there are probably upwards of 3,000 or so currently in our data base".

    Mass Article Submitter - $97

    Mass Article Submitter promises to "Submit your article to 10 article directories at ONCE!"

    That is very confusing. The guys who created Mass Article Submitter also created the popular Mass Article Creator program. I have difficulty believing that Mass Article Submitter would support so few article directories.

    Article Post Robot - $127

    Article Post Robot promises to submit articles to "451 Article Sites & 54 Mail Lists."

    The program was last updated on 19 July, 2009. That's a good sign.

    I've seen good customer reviews of Article Post Robot.

    Article Submitter Pro - $167

    Article Submitter Pro promised to submit to "more than 1,450 submission sites."

    This is another well reviewed package.

    Article Announcer - $379

    The Article Announcer sales page says "There are close to 90 Article Directories on the Internet today." That's a pretty bad sign that the program is years out of date.

    If you have experience with any of these packages, your reviews would be most appreciated.
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    It has been more than a year since the original post by Will.Spencer. Since I am looking for some article submitting software, I decide to re-check all of the posted links in the original post and gather a bit more current information. What I did is:

    - Re-checked all the links
    - Updated the prices
    - Found free offer (trial versions etc)
    - Calculated cost per 1000 article submissions and sorted the sites based on these numbers.
    - Added their images to make it a little bit more easy to remember.

    Here is the results: еwo sites are no longer sell software: Mass Article Submitter and Article Pro. There are four sites that offer free article submitter software:


    Artemis Pro
    This is no longer supported, but it is still free.

    Quick Article Submitter
    Offer a free version with only 25 article directories to submit.

    Article Submitter Standard
    Offer a free version with only 85 article directories to submit.

    SubmitSuite Trial
    Offer a free trial version with 500 article directories to submit. This version works only for 14 days.


    Article Submitter Pro Lite - $67
    Cost: $43 for 1000 articles
    Claim: 1550 article directories.
    Important note: it is designed for the article writer who only needs one author name to submit from.

    SubmitSuite - $47
    Cost: $94 for 1000 articles
    Claim: 500 article directories.
    Could work together with Article Spinner ($47) from the same company.

    Article Submitter Gold - $67
    Cost: $96 for 1000 articles
    Claim: 660 article directories.

    Quick Article Submitter - $49.99
    Cost: $100 for 1000 articles
    Claim: 500 article directories.
    Could work together with Article Spinner ($49.99) from the same company.

    Article Submitter Pro - $187
    Cost: $120 for 1000 articles
    Claim: 1550 article directories.

    Article Post Robot - $127
    Cost: $281 for 1000 articles
    Claim: 451 article directories

    Article Planter - $19.95
    Cost: $344 for 1000 articles
    Claim: 58 article directories

    Article Announcer - $379
    Claim: 90 article directories?
    It is really difficult to find the number of article directories in the promo text. At leat I could not. 90 article directories seems to be a very small number to makes sense.
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    I realized that there are some other article submission software sites. In the review above I focused on the price, cost per 1000 articles, but I think if a software tool gives me high quality, great user experience I would gladly pay double price. It does not matter so much if it costs $50 or $100 or $200 per 1000 articles if it gives results and the user experience is great.

    Maybe videos could somehow shed some light on the user experience with the tools? I found a few of videos for the software from the previous post, and hope they could give us some insights on how it works and what is better.

    SubmitSuite video:

    Article Post Robot video:

    Article Submitter Gold video:

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    Here is another quite detailed software review with a bunch of metrics:
    Review: Automatic Article Submitter, Article Post Robot, Instant Article Submitter

    Video for this review: Automatic Article Submitter, Article Post Robot, Instant Article Submitter:

    Reviews for each software separately:

    Video & review: Automatic Article Submitter

    Video & review: Article Post Robot

    Video & review: Instant Article Submitter

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    Has any one tried any of the article submission softwares and have a review?

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