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Thread: Does Article Submitting help improving PR?

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    Does Article Submitting help improving PR?

    Does submitting articles with a link about it to your website improve the pagerank of the website?

    And does the site need to be in the article or is:

    Source: SITEHERE


    |Nico Lawsons

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    Author Information: Include links with anchor text containing your keyword here.

    Yes, it has a huge impact on your PageRank.

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    Wow, that's a great thingie!
    It's true

    But here is a thing I don't understand:
    If I write my article on my blog, can I just copy/paste that article to all other sites too?
    So just the same, but with a link to MY post in the middle (users mostly don't click links in the very beginning as they prefer reading first)

    So does Google like the copycats or will it help?
    Or is it better to write 2 different articles?

    One for my site and one for the article subission sites?

    |Nico Lawsons

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    One for my site and one for the article submission sites?
    This is what I do. I keep the best content for myself and I send the rest off to the article sites.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    You should try to keep your own website as unique as possible. I would not submit the same content that is on my site to article directories.

    Create articles specifically for the article directories (or hire a writer)
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    Some usefull info FOR ME in this thread

    Any more tips?

    I'm thinking for some questions...

    1) How many words is the best for article sites?
    2) How many words is the best for own sites?
    3) To Will and others.. what do you think about the link to your site? In the beginning, mid or end?
    4) Is it better to change keywords? As I want people to come to MY site on some keywords, and not to article sites...
    5) At question 4, if people find my keywords on the article sites instead of mine.. is there big chance they come over to my site too?
    6) Is it allowed from those sites to do:
    Read more here:

    So, only give 3/4 off the text there and the rest on my site?

    Thanks a lot if somebody can answer some of these questions

    |Nico Lawsons

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    1/2. 500+
    3. Most article directories don't even allow in-content links. They have a separate section (About the Author) to place 'em.
    4. Probably.
    5. Depends on whether the article directories manage to rank higher than you.
    6. Not really worth doing so. Article directories are providing you with links, to generate SERP traffic, not direct traffic.

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    Thanks Charles
    This should be it I think, I know more of it now
    Now time to experiment with it and check some more things

    |Nico Lawsons

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