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    DoFollow Web 2.0 Sites

    Current as of 17 December 2011. These are all doFollow at the time of the post. No-follow sites, IM unfriendly sites, and WP MU junk sites are not listed. These are not article directories so please post those in another thread.

    Also please report any change in DoFollow status, or appearance of crazy editors, policies, etc! I don’t intend on checking the PR of these things more than about every 2 months, so feel free to copy + paste and update if you want! This is to document the “Big List” of what I’m using for some of the link building for this: and to help others on this board with their netbuilding efforts!

    Finally, please note that HubPages and InfoBarrel are not listed here. They “can” give you DoFollow links, but it can 1 – Be a pain in the rear, 2 – Is not guaranteed. They do provide Adsense sharing if you’re into even more residual income though.

    The Web 2.0 List:,pr9,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr8 * Can be tricky to find the “Free” version,pr8,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7 * You have to post more than one or two to get doFollow here….,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr2,pr2,pr2
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