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    My experience with ezine articles

    I made a few articles in travel niche, and publish them on ezine two month ago. There were no any kind of effects, just a few visitors from ezine. This links dont bring me better results on search engines.
    Does somebody have similar experience with ezine?

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    Try spinning them and submitting them to other article directories too.

    You will also need to strengthen your backlinks to find a noticeable effect on the SERPs. Try building links to that ezine article in alternative ways like blog commenting, profile links, social bookmarking, etc...

    If you happen to have tools like Xrumer, Scrapebox, etc... the safest way to use them is to build links for your backlinks. In this way, you will be safe from any bans or penalties and your rankings will improve too.

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    Anyways but enzine article is best and google read it first.
    Ezine article is best article submissiom sites.
    I think it's best to check out what your competitors are doing on EZA so that you don't go overboard in providing EZA with too good an article. You need to strike a fine balance of just enough IMO. Ideally provide them with spun content if you can get the quality level up.

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    Enzine is good when you build a profile and post quality original articles on the profile. I'v had good results posting one article per month. The articles increased to PR2/PR3 and I received some visitors as well.

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