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Thread: how do article directories work exactly?

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    Yes, you can initially publish your content in your own network of sites. After those pages have been indexed on your sites by Google, you can submit it to EZineArticles.Com, Directory of Ezines or to other niche article directories with large active publisher bases. The main objective is to have your content seen by the publisher bases of those article directories, for them to pick it up and publish it in their own sites and in their ezines, your bylines and links included. I'll discuss in detail later in this post a strategy to improve the likelihood of these publishers picking your content up and syndicating it in their own sites and ezine channels...

    There's this misconception that those article directories only accept previously unpublished content -- Only a few won't accept content that's published elsewhere -- EZineArticles.Com and Directory of Ezines among a lot of other article directories accept previously published content, as long as you own full exclusive publication rights to that content. Read the ToS and publication conditions of those article directories...

    And, when you publish your content on your sites, have it indexed, then submit it to these article directories with your bylines and links, you get initial indexation rights in Google, so your copies on your sites will rank higher than those syndicated copies in those article directories and in any other sites of the publishers who picked up your articles for syndication on their own sites. This means you're building your own property with unique content, and not the properties of others. You don't own those article directories nor the sites of those publishers, anyway, so why build it for them with your unique content? Instead, siphon/funnel their traffic from the sites and ezine channels of those publishers to your own sites, via the links in your bylines...

    Also, having articles in article directories can't significantly be used to funnel traffic from those article directories to your sites, especially since Google Panda devalued the rankings of those article directories. Who goes to article directories to view content, aside from publishers looking for content to syndicate on their own sites and ezine networks? Other writers looking for topic/headline ideas to write content for their own sites or for the sites of their employers/clients, yes, who aren't most likely included in your target markets. The other viewers don't most likely reach your sites, via the links in your bylines in those article directories, primarily because:

    Have you ever heard of a 100% CTR in those article directories, considering there's a significant number of views? So, if your CTR is say 20%, out of 100 views, this means 100 people found your article in those article directories first, and not in your own sites (because you could've overlooked publishing your own content in your own sites first), and 80 people out of those 100 viewers got distracted by the other, more visible links in those article directories (Google Adsense ads, links to other relevant sections and articles, etc.). So:

    If you published your content in your sites first, before submitting it to those article directories, then more people out of those 100 viewers could've seen your content in your site first. This also means, by having a 20% CTR in those article directories, for your articles, you're losing 80% of those viewers, that should've been yours for the taking, to the other distracting links in those article directories...

    Now, this is a strategy I wrote in this thread here that could improve the likelihood of your content to be seen by publishers, have them pick it up for syndication on their own sites and ezine channels, and hook them up to always check if you have more content that they can syndicate on their own sites and ezine networks:

    11-Step Article Marketing Blueprint - Get Targeted Traffic and Build Your Mailing List

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    Article submission has been one of the traditional ways of building links for websites and at the same time generating traffic for them. A few years ago, article submission was pretty hot, being widely used by thousands of site owners who were looking for easy ways to build lots of one-way links for them and in the meanwhile sending many people to their sites, and the links gained at the time were quite effective though.

    It seems some changes have been noticed in online trends and today, gathering lots of article links, especially the ones coming from the same articles resubmitted to dozens of directories is not a great way of building new links for sites because they come from copied materials. But from traffic-building perspective, if you write quality contents and submit to highly visited directories, many people will click on your author links.

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