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Thread: how do article directories work exactly?

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    how do article directories work exactly?

    So we write an article and submit it to articles directories, what's in it for us, is there a backlink to our site, can we put a link in the article to our website?

    Should i submit the same articles i have on my blog to the directories?

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    Good question.

    The "what's in it for us" is the crucial part i.e. the back link which is a link in your "resource box" and a possible reputation enhancement as an expert in your niche. The link can be say a direct link to your site with keyword anchor text and a link based on you as the author.

    Your article should ideally make the reader compelled to visit your blog for more info. on your topic as well as you trying to get some SEO benefit from the link.

    It's best to first publish your best articles to your own site and only post a cut-down version of the post to directories to satisfy their minimum requirements such as 300 characters and original text etc. Study what the prolific article authors do for some ideas such as bullet-point articles.

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    The big picture of submitting articles is this:

    Visitor goes to article directory.
    Reads your article.
    Likes your article so much, they copy and past into their site.
    Or send it out via email to their list.

    Thus, more exposure, another back link.

    That's the theory anyways.

    The reality is that it does not happen except to maybe one article out of 1,000.

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    I started article marketing online before the term even applied and long before there were any article directories out there. Way back in 1995 I was posting articles and 'white papers' on BBS's and newsgroups, and my goal then was the same as it is now: get attention and republished by ezine/newsletter publishers.

    Thanks to some "marketing gurus", online article marketing has been turned into a sort of link-dump fishing exercise, but there's still a lot of power in article marketing if done right.

    The whole idea of it, and the reason sites like ezine articles originally came into popularity, is that there are thousands of ezine/newsletter publishers out there who desperately need good content to fill the pages of their daily/weekly/monthly publishings--and there are marketers who want access to the subscribers of those publications--so by creating a space where marketers could offer quality content in exchange for a small sales message blurb (the author's resource box) and publishers could freely use that content it would be a win-win for everybody.

    The problem is this process requires a little bit of work. To get results (i.e. have your article picked up by a publisher) you need to write a quality piece of content. Go beyond the fluff and write a magazine-worthy type article.

    It's gold when it happens, because you gain exposure to some publisher's cultivated list of targeted traffic, but you have to work for that access.

    Over time, lazy marketers lost interest in working for their results and began viewing article directories as just some place to drop a quick and free link with a crappy or spun article.

    Sorry for going on and on, my point really is that "what's in it for me" is basically answered by what are you willing to put into it? If you just want a cheap backlink, you can get that. If you want access to other people's loyal subscribers who are targeted to your niche, you can get that too. It's just a matter of working for it.

    Just looking at there are almost 3,500 active ezines listed there right now, covering almost any market or niche you could imagine. That's a ton of publishers with a need for regular and fresh content. Sure, some will self-produce all of their own content, but many will gladly use reprinted articles of quality that cover topics their subscribers are interested in.

    So, the opportunities are huge with article marketing, if you put in the work for it. Imagine getting republished in a newsletter or ezine with thousands of loyal subscribers, having the chance to impress them with your article, and then pitch them with your sales message. Think you could make some money from that exposure?

    The hard part is just writing quality content, to stand out from all the noise on article directories, and eventually publishers who scour the article sites for filler content will come to you. You can also contact them by finding who is publishing ezines and newsletters in your niche and offering up content, but even then it helps to have a few quality articles already published online that you can point them to as examples of your work.

    Also, don't overlook the smaller and niche article sites out there. I know from experience that publishers look to them for quality writers. It only makes sense, if you need content about Pet Care then you might find someone at ezinearitcles, but you're sure to find someone at an all-about-dogs/cats/fish related article site. So, it's a good idea to submit your best articles to as many places as possible since you never know where that publisher you're trying to reach might be looking for content.

    Anyway, hope that helps.
    PingCaster - It's like VooDoo for your traffic and backlinks

  5. Sorry for going on and on, my point really is that "what's in it for me" is basically answered by what are you willing to put into it?


  6. Quote Originally Posted by TryLord View Post
    So we write an article and submit it to articles directories, what's in it for us, is there a backlink to our site, can we put a link in the article to our website?

    Should i submit the same articles i have on my blog to the directories?
    That's basically it. Write an article, put a back link to your site in the resource box, and submit the article to the directories. The articles you write and submit should have unique content.

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    This type of marketing can also be harmful if done the wrong way as in copying other people's content and posting them

    ---------- Post added at 14:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 14:44 PM ----------

    and if done the right way..... it would have an effect on the Page Rank of the concerned website!!

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    I have used ezine and sooperarticles for quite a long time. However, for the latter one I put anchor text in the article body and let the user crawl to my website....besides the backlinking with both are also helpful.... The other thing is by visiting article directory blogs. This way making a connectivity of your own and it is also a way to know about the feedback being on the page..

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    It is strongly recommended not to use same article that u used in ur website. However, in the anchor text you should use the liks to your site and it is better to use links of different pages. This text will give you backlinks and on the other hand you should not use same article on lots of directories.

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    Article directories are helpful for both directory owner and article writers too.

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