Hey, guys. I want to represent the new articles directory - Itexts.net we created around 4 months ago.
I know that it's not the best time to start a product like this, but I hope we get lucky and don't end up getting 'killed' by other entities like Google Panda
In any case, we decided to pay much more attention to content quality, and we need your help.
So ... a few things you can expect are quick approval, connecting links in the article body, strong moderation, social promotion. and much more from our side in return for good, original (or at least well-spun) content from your side
We believe that creating quality content will make backlinks to your websites more trustworthy, as well as provide a more stable income for both parties.

Also, some additional services are in beta mode now:
- Text Tools for webmasters (Only 3 now, but give us your requests and we will gladly develop many more free tools for you with the info provided.)
- Optional ability to upload images into articles (coming soon)
- A few additional services, which will be open for public use very soon.

Also we have a mechanism designed to share adsense income with good authors; perhaps this will be something article submission services will be interested in.
Share your thoughts and text tools and we will do our best implement them!
And - of course - give us good articles, and you'll have great backlinks in return
Best wishes for everyone involved.

If you have suggestions or comments then please write in this thread or e-mail info@itexts.net