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Thread: What is internet marketing all about?

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    What is internet marketing all about?

    The marketing of products and services on the internet is basically internet marketing. Web marketing, I-marketing, online marketing or e-marketing are some of the terms used to associate with internet marketing. In terms of an immediate response, internet marketing has an extremely unique quality. Since it also includes electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) along with the e-mail and wireless media, internet marketing is believed to have a really wide scope.

    Technical aspects like web designing, web development, advertising and sales are included along with creative aspects in internet marketing. What do you think about internet marketing? Does anyone have anything more to share about internet marketing?

  2. That's a pretty general topic. Most of this site is arguably dedicated to the various nuances of internet marketing. I think all marketing today includes some internet marketing considering how important and ever present the internet is in pretty much every area of life now, so internet marketing is the evolution of marketing in general.

  3. #3 ask a question without checking the threads and posts, so many here, that are about internet marketing.

    Oh, wait....first and only post....and same wording as I see pop up on so many other forums.

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    Internet marketing is all about generating sales online. Driving search engine visitor traffic to a website that requires people to spend money in order to get hold of information or to gain access to a product. It starts with advertising, followed by a sales pitch, and finally a conversion to a sale. In between, there may be pre-sales pitches (such as review sites) by affiliates that recommend a product too.

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    You are confusing sales and marketing. They are two different things.

    Sales has to do with the actual process of completing a sales transaction. It is the shopping cart and payment part of the process.

    Marketing is what you do before and after the sale. It is advertising, promotion, building awareness, customer relationships, product presentation and follow-up after the sale.

    The four P's of the marketing mix used to be products (what you sell), pricing (your pricing strategy), place (where the product can be purchased) and promotion (how you build awareness). Some marketers extend this to 6 P's by adding people (how your employees deal with customers) and process (how all of the other 5 P's fit together).
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    blogging is selling your idea to your readers. Readers don't need to pay a blogger to read his write ups, they only need to visit his blog, comment and share
    Yes Financial Planner, you can market your blog concept without requiring payment to read the posts. But your goal will be to make money from clients that think you are an expert in your field if you regard your blogging as a marketing exercise. You are not going to blog about finance for the fun of it I suspect.

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    Internet Marketing is a way to promote our online business or website. We use several way in Internet marketing like banner marketing, Google adwords, seo, PPc etc.

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    it's about market your product using internet as its media.

    Don't confuse it with make money online, because they're definitely different animal.

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    Post Re:

    Internet Marketing is best organized as element of a whole strategic web marketing campaign.This is really nice information about the Internet marketing as it integrates a range of creative and technical features of Internet, like design, development, advertising, and sales.

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    Online marketing or internet marketing should speak for itself - it's marketing your products using internet resources. For a serious markeing you will need to use internet marketing campaign.
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