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Thread: will you be banned if you?

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    there are lot of article directories and they have their own guidelines, you can submit unique article on one directory and then can use the same article on other directories which allow copied content.
    there are different strategies with article marketing, and article marketing is not just for link juice or backlink.

    Article marketing brings in real targetted traffic, just make sure that you give a teaser in your article and the person reading the article will think it as tip of iceberg and will jump to your site for checking what is stored in your data base.

  2. I agree with what Obannonsleap said! it all depends on ur intention of the article marketing campaign. If its traffic then mass submissions do great , imagine placing your link on 2000 directories and since they are permanent you can expect a traffic of 10k even if 5 people click on each link (which is really less) . If you are doing it for backlinks or otherwise just spin the content and this will make sure you get benefit from all of them . I have myself trued and been successful in gaining traffic from articles for all my site . Recently launched a new SEO site and within 10 days its an alexa 250 k already with just 30 articles posted. Article marketing works and leme tell u one thing there is no such thing as a google sandbox or ban ! If you can prove other wise i will give u my sites password and take penance !
    dont trust the SEO fools out there , these are just teenage kids whos grandma told them old SEO stories on facebook ! sandbox was eliminated in 2005 and as of now i will answer your question very clearly NO INCOMING BACKLINK CAN EVER HARM YOU no exceptions! not even spammy sites! you would only get a penalty if you link out to spammy sites or installed malwares or use doorway pages and cloaking . go for article marketing , its backlinks in the purest form !

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    Nice, it is very helpful information. From using this i can get more traffic to my website.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Never. Even Ezinearticle and Articlebase published articles that have already been published in thousands of other article directories. But if you publish one article in thousands of article directories, you will get the link value that you are looking for.

  5. okay thanks for the replies. this has ben to old and i myself have already created my own article directory. close the thread.

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