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Thread: will you be banned if you?

  1. will you be banned if you?

    will you be banned if you submit one article to different article directories?
    is this recommended

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    Ezine Articles demands that your article be unique, but you will not be banned from further submissions.

    Other low-quality (useless?) article directories may not care.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    Ezine Articles demands that your article be unique, but you will not be banned from further submissions.

    Other low-quality (useless?) article directories may not care.
    but links in the article will be counter as backlinks right?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by garfish View Post
    but links in the article will be counter as backlinks right?
    Maybe... If you spin each article a little bit, than google will recognize backlinks, other way the chances are low to get backlinks from each and same article...
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    With EZA you can't include links back to your own site within the article, only in your resource box.

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    Though, it's counted as a backlink, the value of induction varies too much depending on certain strategies. It's better to spin the content before submitting, else unique content take more value over spun content.

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    I don't think there is any harm in submitting the same article to a few different article sites. I have been doing this with some of my websites for a long time and usually find that it helps increase my traffic.

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    Ok, my take on this may be a little different than most's, but I've been using articles/content publishing online since 1995 when I was publishing to hobby-based BBS boards so I've got some experience to speak from.

    First, if you're publishing articles for backlinks you're missing 9/10's of the point. Marketing gurus and blowhards have promoted the idea of articles being easy backlinks for so long now that it's what many people believe article marketing is all about, but it's not. Backlinks are just a bonus with article marketing.

    Article directories, not just ezinearticles, but lots of article directories actually get decent visitor traffic. Check out their Alexa rankings. Alexa isn't a perfect traffic indicator because it's flawed and can be manipulated, but if you find article directories in the top 50k on Alexa then odds are they're getting decent traffic. I'm a partner on one (for 4 years now) that is near 30k on Alexa and gets 6 figure monthly traffic and close to 7 figure monthly page hits. Hardly a useless place to put your content and message.

    So, on that alone is every reason to publish your article to multiple article sites. No, Google isn't going to index and rank your article from each site, but if you've written a quality article just getting it in-front of all that traffic is reason enough. It's about exposure and reach.

    But there's even more to it, if you write quality articles.

    The whole reason article directories came to life a decade ago was because there was a disconnect between content producers and content publishers. I'm not talking about spammy publishers running splogs, but ezine and newsletter publishers who desparately needed filler content for their daily/weekly/monthly mailings, and marketers and site owners who were willing to create content in exchange for the chance to promote their own product or site to the subscribers of those mailings.

    That need still exists, and article directories are still the go-between for article writers and content publishers who need free, quality content.

    Just looking up newsletter directory on Google, the first site I checked has over 9,500 ezines/newsletters listed. Not all of them use free content as filler, but a lot will.

    So, by writing and publishing quality articles in multiple outlets online, you have a better chance of getting your pieces picked up and used by one of these publishers. They're also the ones who most respect the republishing guidelines of using your articles to include your resource info and links, unlike the splog site owners who drop them when republishing.

    And guess what, these people don't just look to ezinearticles for content, I know this for a fact, but it also makes sense when you just think about it. They want quality content, but also fresh (for their subscribers and readers) content, so grabbing stuff just from one source, especially when it's the most known source like ezinearticles is, would be to only include content that is likely to have already been seen or found online by many of their subscribers.

    Trust me when I say, getting your article picked up by some niche ezine or newsletter by a publisher who has already cultivated his list into a band of loyal followers...there's nothing I've ever seen with a better ROI over the last 15 years online.

    But, these folks aren't republishing rewritten crap and quick-garbage articles that were created just for backlinks. They want and dig for informative and insightful pieces. They dont want a sales message in the article, they want in-depth topic coverage and offered solutions. But these type of articles are still easy to write.

    Just think "give to get" and you're on the right track. Give in the article body, provide a thorough insight or solution to some question or problem, then end the article body by posing a new question, which you promise to answer with your resource box link.

    Writing that sort of article and publishing it to several article directories, gives you a greater chance of getting republished on someone's ezine or newsletter, and even if it doesn't get picked up like that (most won't in all honesty), using that give to get format with an ending question and promise to answer it resource link will improve your CTR's from the article directories to your own sites, so still worth it.

    Sorry my post is long-winded and some of my points may seem against the grain of what usually gets touted and rehashed as "article marketing gospel", but there are tons of easier and faster ways to get backlinks over article marketing, backlinks are a silly reason to write (or buy) articles. There's real human traffic out there on those article directories and subscribed to thousands of targeted niche ezines/newsletters, and reaching those people is what article marketing is best used for.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents worth on the subject
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    It's usually a good idea to change the article up a little bit. Some directories may punish you if your articles appear to be plagiarized, although most won't care if it's something that you own. I usually turn in mostly-unique ones to hubpages and ezinearticles, but the rest get rehashed articles basically.

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    I am not submitting

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