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    1. Text Creation

      People generally consider text as the main content online. Text content is primarily associated with articles and blog posts. It also includes microcontent. Microcontent is other text in the page such as site titles, headlines, labels, links, and navigation text.

      Text content contains either information or opinions. The information is delivered in articles that may contain news, press releases and procedures. Blog posts are content often associated with opinions. Microcontent typically contains information about the website itself and the content already in it.

      Home Page and Microcontent

      The text content of a good home page gives the summary of the entire site. Articles summaries posted here should be no more than two paragraphs long. Aside from the summaries of content, the main page should also reflect other information about the site.

      Good websites often contain information about the person or persons running the site. This includes contact details in case they need to be contacted for press releases, interviews or other ...
    2. Programming Language

      A programming language is artificial language whose basic function is to convey a set of instructions to be performed by a machine, in most instances a computer. The instructions and the order by which these instructions are to be executed is called an algorithm. The product of conveying these instructions by means of a programming language is a program. Programming refers to writing these instructions using a programming ...
    3. Installing an Operating System

      Operating systems (OS) are the basic software necessary for a computer. They act as interfaces for the hardware components of the machine. Additional applications, such as office suites and games, are installed on top of the operating system. It also helps manage the system’s resources and processes.

      There are several available operating systems. Each of these have different functions and capabilities. Computers that will host web sites typically use one that can support web server software. There are also instances wherein a machine uses several platforms through separate partitions or hard ...
    4. Operating Systems

      Select an Operating System

      An operating system (OS) is a program that is loaded into a computer by a boot program and from there on manages and coordinates all the other programs (commonly called applications) in the computer. People interact with the OS through the use of either command line interface (CLI) or graphical user-interface (GUI). CLI is a text-only interface that involves typing in commands for the ...
    5. Database Management Systems

      A Database Management System (DBMS) is a program used to manage and store large amounts of data. It commonly handles information generated by websites, businesses and programmers. Users can also use queries to search for specific information located in the database. Some DBMS allow users to create and develop applications using specific programming languages.

      There are several things to consider when choosing a database for their project. The selected database will affect how data is stored, additional applications that can be developed, and ease-of-use.

      Database Models

    6. Posting Press Releases Online

      You can create a press release to promote your blog on the Internet. Make sure to keep objective. Post the release using press release directories. The directories will endow your new blog with links and help ...
    7. Reciprocal Linking

      What is Reciprocal Linking?

      Reciprocal linking, also called link exchanging or link swapping, is when two webmasters post each other’s web addresses as links. This practice gained popularity due to the nature of search engine rankings.

      Google was the first search engine to rank websites based on the number of times other websites link to it. If several other web pages link to another page, the search engine presumes that it is useful. The linked page will then appear higher on the list of search results.

      Webmasters often practice reciprocal linking to increase the popularity of their website. They can contact other webmasters to swap links manually. Others join link exchange sites or groups to search for popular sites to swap links. There are also applications available that initiate and manage reciprocal links.

      There are three things to consider when exchanging links with another site.


      How Reciprocal Linking Works

      Having a link on a popular website increases traffic to the site. Since several users visit the site, this increases the visibility of the ...
    8. Table of Contents

      The Net Builders Guide - Table of Contents


      An introduction to online business models.
      • Business Strategy
        • Find a common problem for potential customers
        • Methodize a solution into a well-performing product.
        • Determine the best method for generating revenue.
      Developing a Website
      Creating ...