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    SEO Backlink Finder vs. SEO Spyglass: Which Is Better for What?

    The SEO Backlink Finder is a link building software application that is highly reminiscent of SEO Spyglass from Link Assistant, another famous tool used for backlink analysis. It is capable of scraping just about any number of URLs from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Blekko, Ask, and Exalead in an automated process that takes a staggeringly small amount of time and is also capable of delivering localised results, provided you enter the country of choice. This software is a clear powerhouse in its field, which makes adherents of that already established powerhouse, SEO Spyglass, ask what differentiates the two from each other and why you should get one over the other.

    Truthfully, no one is saying the SEO Backlink Finder (or the SEO Spyglass, for that matter) is the better buy. Why not? Simply because the two are not really playing in the same field, when it comes down to it. This is due to the fact that, despite the similarity between the two instruments, they are still primarily tools with very different points of focus. The apparent overlap of functionality in their ability to scrape URLs from a multitude of search engines with minimal fuss is a small point, and not the ultimate definition to either tool. SEO Spyglass is a tool still better considered an application made for backlink analysis and not discovery, even despite its convenient feature of being able to scrape for them. SEO Backlink Finder, on the other hand, is a robust application packed with features almost all dedicated to a single thing: finding backlinks for your use.

    A simple comparison of the two products’ features and capabilities in backlink searches shall show the true difference between them. Both Spyglass and Backlink Finder come up with startlingly high figures not too far apart from each other when it comes to their backlinks search results. However, SEO Backlink Finder’s added capabilities rather leave its competitor in the dust in several regards, not least being its ability to look for competitor backlinks that the user does not have, providing for smart and competitive research.

    The Backlink Finder is capable of producing topic-related backlinks as well as ones based on website category. The Backlink Finder also has a built-in footprint database that is sorted by website categories, the capacity to do URL list management for better access and organisation, a function for verifying text, and a proxy-fetcher as well as validator. This is a sleek tool, very focused on its true purpose and packed with the weaponry needed for delivering. Some might be fooled by the occasional gaffes in grammar or punctuation in its promotional site and think these to be indications that they should not purchase the product. For our money, however, this is an excellent application for backlink searches. Not only does it provide some of the highest search result numbers for backlink discovery, it also delivers high-quality backlinks, and not just the usual dross a lot of other applications do.

    To put it in a nutshell, if your real concern is the discovery of new backlinks or sources for them, you should get the tool that was made for that specifically, which would be SEO Backlink Finder. If your only concern is to check already existing backlinks—which is quite different from looking for sources for backlinks, take note—then the SEO Spyglass is perhaps the option you need.


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      SonnyCooL said:
      Seo Spy glass ? no way man .... it take you half a day to complete 10000 link data update ...