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    Review of the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

    The SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool is an application that used to be supported by Yahoo but is currently being powered by Wordtracker, and is perhaps one of the best free keyword research tools to date. To use this application, all you need to do is register an account for free at their website. Here are the basic features you get from this application:
    • You can get suggestions of the estimated search volumes per day for keywords based on data from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
    • You get links to the related global search results.
    • You get various links, such as ones to the price estimate tools of Google AdWords, Google Trends, Google Synonyms, Google Suggest, and many more.
    In a nutshell, then, the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool functions much like other keyword research applications currently on the market—but does the same things they do for free. Granted, it is not as developed as other applications, which means it shall not be producing spreadsheets of the most fantastic accuracy, but as any SEO professional knows, fantastic accuracy—down to the last decimal point—is not normally required for good SEO. The estimates the tool produces shall serve most people very well without having to force them to make a sacrifice in their SEO management or performance. SEO research data is just the research, anyway, and true effectiveness still depends on the human minds interpreting the data and making decisions from it.

    The SEO Book Keyword Tool produces a spreadsheet of results that are organised according to search engine, and is also capable of suggesting (as the name indicates) other, related keywords for SEO purposes, providing their popularity estimates too. The best part of this application, however, must be in the links it carries. The links to tools like those provided by Google, Keyword Discovery and Yahoo! (like Yahoo! Suggest) simplify the process of keyword research on free applications because you need no longer worry about messily navigating from one application to another. Furthermore, the tool also provides Bing daily estimates, which is a considerable factor now when it comes to traffic proportions analysed in SEO.

    If you want to use vertical databases in your research, you also have access to those with the SEO Book tool. It provides links to such databases as Google Blogsearch, Topix.net, and even Del.icio.us. You may use these to deepen your research by knowing the references used by people talking about the topic you are studying and also to know how much “chatter” your topic is generating on the web.

    Now if you go to the website for the product, you shall see that below the offering for the free SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool is an offering for Wordtracker. This is a paid product, and it runs on more or less the same system as the one used for running the SEO Book tool. The difference you get for choosing the paid option? To be quite honest, not a lot as far as SEO research goes. The most relevant change from the free SEO Book option might be the ability of Wordtracker’s paid product to generate more accurate data than the free tool can, but as mentioned earlier, this is not that significant for most SEO practices. In terms of simple practical value, the free tool is the better way to go for most people.