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    Review of goRank: How High Do Its Professional SEO Tools Rank?

    The goRank.com site is a great free SEO resource for analysis and research. It comes with several features, such as the ability to figure out link popularity, analyse content for keyword density, and know how relevant your web pages are to a specific set of keywords. Below are the main features of goRank:
    • Top 10 Keyword Analyzer ‒ a stunning tool that lets you specify a keyword or keywords for which the application shall take the top 10 results (according to Google) for purposes of analysing and producing comparison data of their content. It permits you to automatically analyse the keyword density of the top 10 Google search results for your keyword, and can thus prove powerful in determining your SEO strategy. Knowing the keyword density employed by the competition can help you set your own prescriptions for your content’s keyword density.
    • Link Popularity Analyzer – at the moment of writing, this is still in beta stage but already available for use. You may input a URL to do link analysis on it that reveals the first 30 links existing in Google for that URL, and then studies the contents of those link pages for the link text. After beta testing, goRank promises to raise the 30-link limit to 1000—quite a jump!
    • Keyword Density Analyzer – this checks the density of the keyword or keywords specified within an article, letting you optimise your content just the way you want it. Stuffing articles with keywords is a major error in SEO, after all, since keyword-stuffed content is usually filtered out by major search engines. [G]oRank’s density analysis tool tells you if the desired or optimum density has been reached or exceeded, so that you may know if your text is suitable for posting. This is perhaps the best tool goRank has to offer, as it can really make a difference to your SEO campaign. The usual keyword density recommended is above 5%, although you should also have a set ceiling on your density. To figure that out, you may use goRank’s other tool, the Top 10 Keyword Analyzer, which is described above.
    • Ontology Finder – this is another of goRank’s really standout features. As a related keywords search tool, the Ontology Finder lets you input a keyword or keywords for which you would like the application to generate related keywords. Related keywords are keywords with very similar meanings or associations. Why do they matter? Simply because most SEO professionals say that search engines consider related keywords (or synonyms) when ranking pages or evaluating them. Optimising your website, then, is not just about putting keywords in it but also related keywords, to further enhance the value of your site in the search engines’ analysis. Some people are content to use a simple thesaurus or lexicon when looking for related keywords, but for SEO purposes, goRank is by far the better choice compared to these traditional methods. For one, it generates its list of related keywords according to the top 1000 results from Google for related words, so you know that it has a higher chance of being more relevant. Second, it also carries several SEO Tools such as the ones mentioned above, making it possible for you to do your SEO analysis and research directly from it.
    The site also provides an option for comparing any 5 URLs of your choice for keyword density, in case you should want to research URLs other than the top 10 from Google. All of this should lead anyone to conclude that goRank is easily a top-ranked keyword research tool—and one without a price.