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    Reviewing Trellian’s Keyword Discovery

    Keyword Discovery from Trellian is an astounding piece of software that does some of the most comprehensive and powerful keyword research ever. It has the capacity to collect information from more than 200 search engines, including the major ones like Google and Yahoo!, and lets you do keyword effectiveness indicator (KEI) analysis, research for misspellings and alternative spellings for keywords, get information on seasonal search trends and more.

    Here are a few more of its amazing features:
    • It has a surprisingly simple-looking interface for so comprehensive an application, which most people shall likely appreciate for the ease it brings to usage.
    • It permits users to do a search for related keywords, which are keywords often associated with your main keyword and that you may have neglected to include in your campaign.
    • It has an Industry Keywords tool that lets you look for the top search terms responsible for traffic different sites, including those of your competitors. You may even compare your search terms with theirs, so as to see how you measure up.
    • It has a Keyword Density tool that not only measures the density of keywords in your pages—thus assisting you in any editing you should do for content optimisation—but also identifies your competitors’ keywords, helping you catch up with the competition by learning from their strategies.
    • It has a Domain Researcher tool that can help you find various popular (high quality) domains with popular keywords, displaying their status whether registered, for sale, or available. You can easily register a high quality domain this way. Furthermore, you may also look out for domains that have your trademarks, and register them immediately so that you may protect those trademarks.
    • Perhaps among the most important benefits of Keyword Discovery: it is shockingly fast when bringing up research data. Most other tools take minutes for various complex searches but this one often takes mere seconds, sparing you the annoyance and trouble of having to wait for your results to be displayed.
    Overall, this is an almost ludicrously powerful tool. You can practically hear the SEO data and research freaks (including the one inside you) laughing in full mad genius mode at having been granted such a toy. But as good old Dr. Frankenstein knew, mad genius usually comes with a monster, and in Keyword Discovery is no exception to that rule. Its monster? The price.

    Trellian’s Keyword Discovery is easily one of—if not the—absolute best at what it does. Unfortunately for SEO researchers, it is priced accordingly. Signing up for even just a standard account shall cost, at the time of this review, something around the vicinity of $600 per year. The most expensive option they offer, which has advanced functionalities and even better performance, would knock you to the ground at almost 4.5 grand. Not good for the heart at all, much less for the pocket. Then again, it might just end up saving or earning you even more money later, depending on your situation. Keyword Discovery is quite clearly made for those SEO campaigns that are so delicate that everything seems to hang by hair, where the smallest increase of accuracy in research matters and where mathematical precision leads to profit. If you are undergoing a campaign of this type, then Keyword Discovery’s costs are justified.