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    Review for the KeywordSpy Software

    Whoever made KeywordSpy certainly knows good warfare: one of the best rules for beating the competition is to find out exactly what they are doing, whether they are getting good results with it, and how you can apply the same strategy to your own battle plan. KeywordSpy is cognisant of the fundamental need to scope out the competition and is an SEO tool founded on the idea of researching competitive data. It is a web-based service that basically works by telling you what your competitors are doing, from which of them are bidding on certain keywords in which you are also interested to what other keywords they are using to cash in on the market.
    So how exactly does KeywordSpy reveal your competitors’ campaign strategies to you? By letting you perform a variety of functions, listed below:
    • Know the general data for a particular keyword by entering it in the tool’s keyword field. You can find out the number of clicks per day, the cost per click, and the number of advertisers. You can also find a list of the top 5 organic competitors as well as top 5 paid competitors for the specified keyword.
    • Get a list of the other keywords on which a particular site is bidding and get different metrics for that data, including the ROI (Return on Investment) for each keyword so that you can determine which keywords seem to be the most profitable.
    • You can find PPC or Pay Per Click ads with data like the approximate search volume, the average position of an ad, its estimated cost per click, etc.
    • You can find individual organic keywords, learn their estimated cost per click, their SERP position, the total search results and the URL.
    • Using the Time Machine feature, you can get a set of historical data on a specific keyword or site to know how it performed over a set period. Using this feature to research a site yields information on what keywords the site was bidding on by month, while using the feature to research a keyword yields information instead on who among your competitors was bidding on that keyword during different times and also counts how many total advertisers were bidding on the keyword by month.
    Most of the features are obviously focused on PPC campaigns, although some users insist that KeywordSpy may also be used for PPV research. At any rate, the research functions are definitely robust. The tool even lets you research the big affiliates like Clickbank and Commission Junction so that you can find out what the top products are for each one. You may also find out how much competition exists for those products, and the names of the top affiliates as well as their actual ads.

    KeywordSpy has some amazing competitor research, clearly. So are there any downsides to it? Well, the biggest one would have to be the price. KeywordSpy is not exactly cheap. There are three available subscriptions of it, and not a single one of those goes below an $80/month price tag. The cost is easily justifiable if you are trying to work on a truly profitable PPC campaign, but for people who do not really need PPC data, the tool’s price would be a bitter pill to swallow. For those in PPC, though, this is a great tool that really does deliver the goods.