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    Review for Wordze - King of Keywords

    Wordze is an SEO research tool that lets you find out which keywords are most popular and how easy it shall be to rank for those keywords. Of course, it does a little more than that, but that would be the tool’s purpose in a nutshell. The other features backing up Wordze are quite good, as shall be seen in the list below.

    Wordze’s Tools
    • WordRank Tool – this nice little application helps you figure out your SEO strategy for getting into the top ranks for your keyword of choice by analysing various data like the number of items returned in a search, the age of the website, and the number of links the domain acquires each month. It uses these factors to help you determine what you should do to get ranked (such as how many links you need), even giving you a WordRank score. The lower the figure, the easier it shall be for you to attract traffic to your site for the keyword/keywords.
    • Keyword Research Tool – a staple for all SEO tools, this lets you do the usual things keyword research applications do, such as finding similar keywords for your main one. One feature the Wordze Keyword Research Tool has that is worth mentioning, though, is that it lets you go through historical data.
    • Wordze API – for the coders out there, definitely a plus. You can write your own programs using this tool.
    • Dig Tool – this lets you dig into websites to find the most popular keywords. Not happy with the number returned from the first dig? Expand it into a larger list, then just apply the filters to refine your search.
    • Competitor’s Keywords Tool – this application lets you “spy” on your competitors by analysing the keywords of any site you specify and then adding the chief keywords to your own list. While not as powerful as some other competitor-spying applications offered by other SEO tools out there, it generally does the job to satisfaction.
    • Export Tool – a very useful tool indeed, this lets you export your keywords and their data to an Excel file, which makes for faster and easier organisation. You can sort through the relevant data on the exported spreadsheet, although it is a pity that the WordRank score is not included in the results that are exported. Still, the KEI is, which may make up for it.
    • Misspelled Words Tool – this lets you search for the most common misspellings of the keyword you enter, which can help in driving more traffic to your site when people enter the incorrect spelling in their search engines.
    All in all, an impressive package. Wordze also lets users evaluate the keyword density numbers being used by competitors aside from showing their keywords, and even lets you download the a list of the top 5000 keywords for the past month. The list comes in an excel spreadsheet that you can use to find keywords you might be interested in using for your next SEO campaign. There is also a Keyword Thesaurus that can help suggest related words during keyword research. At any rate, the entire program seems to produce good, reliable data that you would be hard-put to find using any other tool. The most unique feature, the WordRank Tool, is especially good at showing you useful information you might not be able to get elsewhere. The interface itself is very clean and simple and shall be very unlikely to prove too complex for most users. And best of all, subscription is cheap considering everything you are getting.

    There may still be some downsides to the program, though: for instance, Wordze’s data is not always strictly the most accurate data you can get, as you shall see if you compare its results to those from other programs. While this should not matter for most people, there may be special situations where extreme accuracy is called for. Another problem is that the program has no real description on the site, which can be more than a little annoying for people interested in giving it a go. At the very least, Wordze does have a 30-day free trial that can help you take it for a test run. All these minor objections aside, this is a brilliant tool that can give you some new insight for your SEO campaign, and is something you should at least consider trying before putting it aside.