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Thread: We Predict Future Google PR With 95% Accuracy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmongy View Post
    He certainly can get PR2,3 or even 6 or 7 with just 24 links, or less.

    It all depends on the quality of those links; i.e. the PR of the page giving the link as well as how many other outbound links are on that page.
    JYup, it's not just about quantity of backlinks anymore; quality, authority and relevance are more important these days. Does the prediction tool take that into account?

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    yahoo site explorer is best way to check backlinks.

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    WOW this tool is just superb

  4. Quote Originally Posted by shanekruger View Post
    yahoo site explorer is best way to check backlinks.
    Our tool takes data from yahoo site explorer + other sources, so its provides more complete data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatermushasi View Post
    when i use that...
    always the verify end before 100%

    i got only 6%,19%

    what i must to do to make it 100%?

    I got only 11%.
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    If this tool work properly, my future is very good

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    Thanks for the tool. Will give it a try since it has been recommended by many people here.

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    wow, till now i never used SEO tool like this really good

    Good luck

  9. This tool is awesome, kudos to the one who made this

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    nice tool for backlinks checking

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