Now our Backlink Checker Tool predicts future Google PR with 95% accuracy!

Since 2003 we conduct different kind of SEO Research. One of the goals of our research was to absolutely precise calculate Google PageRank Formula. Over some time, we did it that! And now, based on Google PR Formula our Backlink Checker Tool calculates and predicts Future Google PR with 95% accuracy!

right now this feature works only for sites with less than 1,000 backlinks.

How to Check Future Google PR?

  1. Register & Login on SEO Tools For SEO Experts.
  2. Open Backlink Checker Tool page.
  3. Write down your site URL in 'Website URL' field.
  4. Click Add & Start Project button.
  5. Your project will be added & started. Once it's finished, click View button near that project. You'll be redirected to all reports for that project. There click View button once again to see a detailed report.

    Now you can see Current Google PR and Predicted Google PR for your site!

It will look like this:

Soon we'll add a possibility of checking multiple domains at once!

Yaroslav Korchagin
SEO Tools For SEO Experts Team